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People are an asset to Sacyr Concesiones

Within the current competitive and ever-changing socio-economic environment, human capital represents a critical factor in the success of any company that, like Sacyr, aims to offer an effective response to the needs of society and consolidate itself as an outstanding benchmark in business.

Fully aware of how important its staff are for corporate success, and mindful of the fact that employee motivation is essential to a successful business, we have made a commitment to meeting the expectations of those who make up our human team, paying special attention to their wellbeing and to their personal and professional development.

Sacyr Concesiones forms part of the Sacyr people brand…..Imagine, Create, Build

A brand that is embodied in three spirits...

Constructive Spirit

We like to build, be positive and bring value to what we do. We adapt to change with passion and a decisive attitude, and believe that difficulties are merely an opportunity to keep improving and growing.

We are keen to take on major challenges; those pioneering projects that test our audacity and ability to innovate.

Team Spirit

Only by joining forces can we achieve results that exceed the sum of individual contributions. This is the only way we can conclude ambitious projects that surprise the whole world.

We enhance collaborative talent as an essential factor for ongoing progress and generating value for all our stakeholders.

Global Spirit

We understand that integrating differences provides a competitive advantage in a world without borders or barriers. We are enriched by multiculturality and diversity as individuals and as a company, and they allow us to offer local solutions with a global perspective.

We are committed to inclusive leadership that brings consistency, profitability and a diverse outlook in support of business

What you can expect when you join Sacyr Concesiones.


We are a global business group, with a strong international outlook and significant ambitious targets.  Sacyr Concesiones currently operates in 10 countries and is constantly seeking new growth opportunities. We employ global spirit, through which we are enriched by multiculturality and believe that talent faces no boundaries.


One of our priority objectives is to guarantee our activities can be carried out while maintaining the highest level of safety for all our employees. We are committed to the Integrated Safety concept and have an Occupational Risk Prevention Policy aimed at fostering improved working conditions and levels of protection, health and safety for our workers.


Equality, social inclusion and diversity have important benefits for society, the communities where we operate, companies and the economy.  We are committed to managing our human resources from a standpoint that is strictly based on professional criteria, guaranteeing the absence of discrimination on grounds of race, religion or belief, political or union ideologies, nationality, language, gender, civil status, age or disability.


We develop remuneration and social benefits systems for our employees that adapt to the needs of each individual, while always maintaining both internal and external balance and equality.


Sacyr offers its employees the tools and resources they need for professional development within the company.  Training is key to this professional growth, which is why My Virtual Point is offered as a tool for encouraging increased knowledge and allows each employee to manage their own training.  Furthermore, a Training Plan is developed to offer a framework and solution to the training needs of Sacyr Concesiones employees.

At Sacyr Concesiones, we foster the professional development of those groups that are key to the company’s future.  To do so, professional development plans are put in place for these groups, such as the Talentya Programme aimed at recent graduates who join the company in key positions and intended to prepare this group for assuming positions of responsibility within the company by encouraging their growth, learning and professional opportunities.