A-21 Highway

Going further and beyond in Italy, Sacyr is the third major infrastructure operator in the country

Shared Value

Value for Society

This strategic macroinfrastructure constitutes a main axis for connectivity in Northern Italy, providing a safe metropolitan corridor in Turin and along to other large cities in one of Italy’s most industrialized areas.

Value for Shareholders

Italy is a priority market for Sacyr. With this project award, we became the 3rd largest operator in the country by number of kilometres under management, paving the way to consolidate our leadership in this market. 

Value for People

Sacyr will elevate road safety standards in all the tranches. Besides, road users will benefit from an optimized management having a single point contact, easing the monthly or annual toll payments for regular users.



Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

Start/End Operation


Remuneration Scheme

Low Demand Risk



A-21 Highway

This project comprises the operation and improvement of five road sections in the vicinity of the city of Turin: the A21 Turín-Alessandria-Piacenza, the A5 Turín-Ivrea-Quincinetto, the link A4/A5 Ivrea-Santhià, Turin's Ring Road System (Satt) and the section Turín – Pinerolo.

We will manage a total of 320 kilometers, which have an average daily traffic of 33,000 vehicles, with a planned investment of around 800 million euros for improvement works. Moreover, traffic revenues of around 2.9 billion euros are expected over the 12-year concession period.

In this context, we expect to increase the metropolitan connections and the industrial areas of northern Italy, as well as to enhance Turin’s communication with other big cities. 

With this P3 we expand our presence in Italy, an strategic market where we already develop the Pedemontana Veneta Highway, the Via del Mare Highway, and the A-3 Highway