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Antofagasta: we shape health projects to better care

Antofagasta Hospital was awarded ‘Healthcare Deal of the Year’ in 2013 by the prestigious British magazine ‘World Finance’ for the Antofagasta Hospital’s cutting-edge design

Sacyr Concesiones

With 123,000 square meters you can save a lot of lives. With the added helipad to the hospital, we ease the arrival of patients who need urgent medical attention, while taking into consideration the geographical challenges presented by the region. 

Global warming is a reality that’s affecting every country, specially those located in geographical zones like Antofagasta. This is why the hospital has been conceived to function autonomously in the event of a natural disaster

From the very beginning of the project, Sacyr successfully led a number of improvements to enhance patients and health workers experience while reducing its overall operating cost. Working side-by-side with the Chilean Administration, we defined a new design that significantly optimized the location of the building: as a result, the new hospital is entirely built above the tsunami redline. 

Our “safety-first” vision was crucial to make possible a 100% safe perimeter, including 360º access to fire and rescue services. We’ve also integrated seismic protection to the entire structure, which allows a non-stop medical service even in the event of earthquakes. 

Sacyr’s design not only makes the hospital safer but also reduces the distance between the buildings by merging them. We are particularly proud of serving better to North Chileans patients, responding healthcare demand with customized and efficient solutions..