Buenaventura-Loboguerrero-Buga Highway

We strengthen our position as one of the main infrastructure developers in Colombia

Shared Value

Value for Society

The upgrade works will contribute environmental impact and will significantly reduce CO2 emissions

Value for Shareholders

Sacyr’s investment in projects in Colombia exceeds €3 billion, including four 4G road projects.

Value for People

The project will benefit the communities of the municipalities in the direct area of influence and is expected to generate more than 6,000 direct, indirect, and induced jobs.



Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura – ANI-

Start/End Operation


Remuneration Scheme

Mitigated Demand Risk



Buenaventura-Loboguerrero-Buga Highway

The Buga-Loboguerrero-Buenaventura concession project is located in the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia. Managed by the concessionaire Unión Vial Camino del Pacífico (100% Sacyr), this 128-Km concession has a second carriageway corridor along 118 km. 

With an associated investment of €800 million (COL$4.2 billion), this strategic asset in southwestern Colombia will improve transport connections from the country’s inland to Buenaventura port by reducing travel times, improving road safety and reducing CO2 emissions.

This project includes the adaptation works on a 155 km section, the rehabilitation works on a 15 km section, the improvement works on a 33.7 km section and the construction of an additional 35 kms for the new second lane. The project includes the maintenance and operation of 244 road km in total. 

The preoperational stage of the project will last 5 years, and will comprise the pre-construction stage (1.5 years) and the construction stage (3.5 years). The total duration of the contract will be 29 years. Scheduled activities include slope stabilization works, constructing two short tunnels (approximately 1.4 km in total) and updating the electric-mechanical equipment in the 17 pre-existing tunnels, which span 9.3 km.