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Clean roads: we support a sustainable volunteering initiative in Colombia

Sacyr’s volunteers have collaborated in the removal of waste in a protected area of our P3 Unión Vial Camino del Pacífico.

Sacyr Concesiones

The protection of environment and social commitment go hand in hand in one of our recent voluntary initiatives, through which we have participated in cleaning works developed in the vicinity of the Colombian P3 Highway Buenaventura-Loboguerrero-Buga.

The activity, that involved 35 people, was carried out in the Forest Reserve Yotoco Forest, a protected area which possesses a great ecological value, including 243 plant species, 155 types of birds, more than 26 kinds of reptiles and amphibians, and 41 of mammals. With this initiative, we have contributed to raising awareness among the population and road users about the importance of this natural site, where converge forests, wetlands, and the habitats of the Yotoco River and El Negrito River.

The goal of our volunteer activities is improving people’s lives and promoting the sustainable development of the communities in the areas of influence of our P3 projects.