Value for Society

Discover our environmental initiatives in the Route PY02

Through the plantation of various plant species, we keep enhancing sustainability in Paraguay and promoting its ecosystems’ protection.

Sacyr Concesiones

The environmental awareness and the reduction of the works’ impact on nature are a priority for us. This has been shown in the city of Caacupé, located within the area of influence of the Route PY02 in Paraguay, where we have planted 28,000 examples of native flora, including cedar, timbo, lapacho or yvyrapyta, among others. This action brings to 167,000 the number of specimens planted on this road.

This initiative has been part of the Program C2 (Forestry Compensation) of the Socio-Environmental Management Plan for the Route PY02. By this type of programs, Sacyr actively works to promote activities that preserve the environment for the local communities