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Discover our innovations in sustainable pavements in the Turia Highway

The use of new asphalt mixtures and agglomerates make this road an environmental reference in Spain

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Through the development of new materials and sustainable compounds for paving, we extend the life of our roads, improve their quality, and road safety. This is demonstrated in the Turia Highway, located in Valencia (Spain), where we utilize two asphalt mixtures that combine the highest efficiency standards with the environmental protection. 

Recently, we have implemented Lazarus, a new modified petrochemical compound variant of our additive Bioroad that enables efficient covering of cracks and potholes in the track. Its composition, based on bituminous binders, vegetable oils and graphene-based nanomaterials, increases the pavement’s resistance to fatigue cracking. Moreover, the additive Lazarus aims to generate mixtures with a 100% of milled material, promoting circular economy

Together with Lazarus, the Turia Highway uses the cold mix asphalt AC 11 Surf, which comprises a bituminous emulsion. This material minimizes the environmental impact on different stages: thus, for example, its ecologic additives allow a semi-hot production, with a temperature of around 30°C lower to other conventional mixtures. In addition, it is easy to preserve and manage: it can be applied in cold conditions and stored in bags. 

The search of sustainable solutions that ameliorate our roads’ safety and drivers’ comfort is our priority.