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Meet Edgar Mendoza, our first employee in Colombia

Edgar, a story about overcoming challenges for more than 23 years

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Edgar Mendoza, Head of Operations and Maintenance of the Pamplona-Cúcuta Highway project, is the perfect example that dreams can come true. His career at Sacyr started over 20 years ago when he got a scholarship to work with us in Spain. This opportunity was a life changing experience for Edgar, who had been working as a street vendor until then.

His work overseas was focused on the development of roads, hydraulic projects and the construction of Terminal 4 at the Adolfo Suárez – Barajas Airport in Madrid, one of the most important projects in his portfolio until date. After serving to this great international experience, in 2004 he decided to go back home to Cucutá.

Six years later, a new Sacyr opportunity came knocking on Edgar’s door. We were looking for a leader for the strategic position of Head of Operations and Maintenance in Colombia.

We are so proud to count on local talent promoting personal and professional development in each of our projects. Edgar is an example of a long-term relationship, based on professionalism and mutual trust. This opportunity was offered to Edgar who didn’t think it twice: soon after he joined Sacyr, becoming the first employee of the company in Colombia.

His support has been instrumental in our success in the country, among others, in the awarding of the Pamplona-Cúcuta Highway P3 project. Edgar saw then an opportunity to go back to his hometown and today he is happy to “continue serving both Sacyr and my region”.

This is the story of Edgar Mendoza, a fruitful personal and professional experience. The same story we hope many more Colombians develop in our company.



Since the beginning of the relationship between Edgar and Sacyr