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Improving safety on the Ruta del Elqui Highway

Through various road rehabilitation and signaling works, we enhance a safer and more comfortable driving experience in one of our main Chilean P3s

Sacyr Concesiones

Our Ruta del Elqui project is a key asset for the social and economic development of the Coquimbo region. To provide a better service for its users, Sacyr is developing several works to enhance safety in different areas of the road.

The measures to be developed include, among others, the renewal of the guardrails, the demarcation of some sections, the replacement of around 500 km of barriers for improved shock-absorbing road guardrails, the renovation of signals and infrastructures, the replacement of pavements and the improvement of the route’s layout.

With these actions, we will optimize the travel conditions between Los Vilos and Coquimbo, promoting the highest driving safety standards.