Section 2 of the Longitudinal de la Sierra Highway

We give drivers best-in-class connectivity and safety standards.

Shared Value

Value for Society

With this project we’re taking an active part in the development of the region.

Value for Shareholders

A solid investment to improve the connectivity and safety of the roads and create economic activity.

Value for People

We continue to work on improving roads’ safety and reducing travel times, so that people have a better quality of life. 



Ministry of Transport and Communications

Concession Dates

April 2014 - April 2039

Remuneration Scheme

Availability payment



Section 2 of the Longitudinal de la Sierra Highway

The Concessionaire Society led by Sacyr, Convial Sierra Norte, operates 875 kilometers of the Section 2 of the Longitudinal de la Sierra Highway which links two important regions of the country, La Libertad and Cajamarca. With an approximated investment of US $1,150 million, it represents a substantial improvement of the existing infrastructure while contributing to the generation of jobs and enhancing the economic activity of the entire region during the 25-year life of the project.

Sustainability and innovation are also essential in the P3 development. Thus, slope erosion stabilization is being carried out on a subsection of the road by utilizing used tires. It is estimated that around 3.600 kilograms have been reused, which has contributed both to restoring service levels and to promote circular economy.

In addition to this, Sacyr Maintenance, our branch focused on infrastructure maintenance, has icreased its presence in Latin America with the development of conservation, operation, and maintenance activities on the highway. These activities enable us to maximize its value and ensure its durability over time.