New Velindre Cancer Centre

One of the most advanced cancer centres in the United Kingdom

Shared Value

Value for Society

The hospital meets the highest standards of quality, technology and energy efficiency, and contributes to protect the biodiversity and local ecosystems.

Value for Shareholders

It will be a benchmark in terms of innovation and investigation in cancer in the United Kingdom. It is our first P3 project in Britain.

Value for People

The centre will give service to around 1.5 million people and will significantly improve the health system in the south-east of Wales.



Velindre University NHS Trust



Remuneration Scheme

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New Velindre Cancer Centre

The new Velindre Cancer Centre project comprises the design, construction, financing, and maintenance of the one of the most innovative oncology centres in Britain. With an estimated extension of 60,000 m2, it will serve over 1.5 million people in Wales.

The new facility aims to be a benchmark for cancer treatment and research, including the least common types. The project is grounded on the highest quality standards and a wide use of the most advanced technologies.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have proposed an efficient and sustainable design that respects the biodiversity of the area, while promoting the use of natural materials that reduce the carbon footprint. This design ensures a reduced number of interventions preserving around 60% of the area in “wild” conditions.

In addition, the preservation of the species is ensured through monitoring and locating activities aligned with the hibernation cycles of the protected species. All of these actions will make the New Velindre Cancer Centre one of the greenest hospitals in the United Kingdom.

Strongly committed with sustainability, the new Velindre Cancer Centre was recognized as the “overall winner” in the category “Future Healthcare Project” at the European Healthcare Design Awards 2023.