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Our wildfire prevention work: this is how we promote the avoidance of forest fires in Chile

Our team has participated in the maintenance clean-up in Valles del Bio-Bio P3 Highway to prevent the occurrence of natural disasters caused by wildfires.

Sacyr Concesiones

Sacyr is strongly committed to roadside fire prevention and response. We are fully cognizant of the importance of developing an adequate planning against these natural disasters to guarantee the safety of our workers and the local communities

In order to prepare for the upcoming fire season and the associated risks during summer, we have supervised the works of roadside clean-up in our concession of Valles del Bio-Bio Highway, a key road for the connectivity in southern Chile. Our work contributes to protecting households, preserving the natural sites surrounding the route that present a higher risk, and maintaining the road communication in the area. 

This preventive activity, developed within the framework of the Wildfire Action Plan in the Bio-Bio region, comes in addition to other actions that we strengthen during the summer months, which include, among others, night-time irrigation and the use of herbicides in bordering sectors to avoid the growth of weeds.

Through these measures, we guarantee people’s safety and protection and ensure that the roads are always in optimal conditions for their users.