Pedemontana Veneta Highway

The main axis of the industrial areas of Vicenza and Treviso and an important connection with other European countries

Shared Value

Value for Society

This strategic asset connects 34 municipalities and the main industrial areas of Vicenza and Treviso.

Value for Shareholders

Europe’s largest bond issue for a greenfield project, totaling EUR 1,571 billion, provides funding for the highway’s construction. The issue has received four international awards.

Value for People

The design of the highway was significantly improved because most of the route runs in trench (51 km). This allowed us to avoid any disturbance to the existing road network.



Regional Govenment of Veneto

Start/End Operation


Remuneration Scheme

Availability based payment



Pedemontana Veneta Highway

The Pedemontana Veneta Highway is one of the most important infrastructures in Italy and one of the main projects in Sacyr’s portfolio. With an scheduled investment of 2.6 billion euros and revenue portfolio of 10 billion euros, approximately, this asset is part of the European TEN-T . It is also considered a strategic asset of national importance, located between the existing A4 and A27 highways. 

The project calls for 162 km of construction: 94 km correspond to the main highway, which connects 34 municipalities and the industrial area of Vicenza and Treviso, and 68 km correspond to secondary accesses. The highway also includes two tunnels, Malo (6 km) and S. Urbano (1.5 km), and eight viaducts.  

The highway’s construction funding was provided by Europe’s largest bond issue for a greenfield project, which totaled €1,571M. It won four awards, including 2017 Project Finance International prize in the category of Best European Operation in the field of Transport Infrastructure and the Best European Public-Private Project at the 2017 Infrastructure Investor Awards. 

The works comprise the highest environmental standards and technological innovations: thus, among other measures, transparent noise barriers that maximize the road's luminosity are used, as well as sound-absorbing and photocatalytic pavement that mitigates the impact of polluting particles. Moreover, the Malo tunnels, among the longest in Italy, will be the first illumination project carried out with IOHNIC in the country. With the use of this system, that distribute the luminaires in a continuous way, the road will improve its safety, quality and energy saving standards.