Route PY 02

To reduce the distance between people, we widen the route.

Shared Value

Value for Society

Improvement in safety, driving comfort and reduction in travel times, having a direct impact on the country's economy.

Value for Shareholders

Road corridor that concentrates 60% of the country's productive transportation. Revenues guaranteed by the State through irrevocable issues.

Value for People

Avoiding crossing towns by building bypasses to the municipalities of Caacupé, Itacurubí de la Cordillera, San José de los Arroyos and Coronel Oviedo.



Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones (MOPC)

Start/End Operation


Remuneration Scheme

Availability payment



Routes 2 & 7

Rutas del Este is the consortium awarded the construction and operation of Ruta PY 02 (from Ypacaraí to Caaguazú) under a PPP contract signed on March 14, 2017 with the MOPC of the Government of Paraguay. This is the first road project under the regime of Paraguay's new Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Law. The winning consortium, formed by Sacyr Concesiones, together with Ocho A, brings together a vast experience and prestige in road infrastructure projects, as well as a high knowledge of the local market. 

The actions that will be carried out in the tranche of the Route PY 02 (149.5 kilometres) will include the construction of bypasses, as well as duplication, upgrading, operation and maintenance works. Moreover, the project will have an impact in 11 municipalities of the 3 Paraguayan departments and it is expected that it will have significant benefits in the local communities, including a reduction of travel times and better safety standards. 

With regard to sustainability, the road is aligned with the highest environmental standards: through the Socio-Environmental Management Plan for the Route PY02, we guarantee the protection of the ecosystems and carry out native species plantations (over 167,000 specimens throughout the entire project).

In addition, we are developing various landscape restoration actions to protect native flora and fauna, particularly birds and endangered species. Under this premise, a biodiversity-friendly space has been created, which has increased pollinator interaction by 30% and also reduced water use by 90%.

At the same time, SAOPSE, subsidiary of our specialized maintenance branch Sacyr Maintenance, develops the operation, conservation, and maintenance of this P3. In doing so, we demonstrate our ability to provide long-term solutions, rehabilitate and maintain the highest road quality standards, as well as to improve the value chain of our roads.