RSC287 Road

The operation of the RSC-287 road, our first P3 in Brazil, improves the connection between Tabai and Santa Maria. 

Shared Value

Value for Society

This project entails an important connection between Tabai and Santa Maria and allows the interconnection with federal roads BR 471 and BR 153. The lanes will be doubled, improving the road safety.

Value for Shareholders

The RSC-287 is Sacyr’s first P3 concession in Brazil. This milestone consolidates the company’s strategic roadmap to develop P3 projects in North and South America, where Sacyr is firmly committed to infrastructure development.

Value for People

The road has a high traffic volume and is one of the most travelled in the state. The roadway will provide service to over 1 million people in the area of influence of 13 municipalities.



Secretaria de Logística e Transportes do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul

Start/End Operation

2021 – 2051

Remuneration Scheme

Low Demand risk



Rota de Santa María RSC287 

Sacyr Concesiones will double 204 km of this roadway to improve safety and connectivity between different regions in the south of Brazil. The road, currently in operation, has a significant traffic: the improvements works are expected to be completed in 2026. 
The contract comprises the operation, use, conservation, maintenance, updating, and expansion of the RSC-287 infrastructure between Tabaí, and Santa María, at the junction with ERS-509 (km 232).

The required investment is around 430 million euros. The period of operation for this roadway is 30 years with an estimate backlog worth of 4 billion euros.








VEHICLES/DAY each tranche