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Sacyr Water receives two awards for its sustainable commitment

These recognitions, granted by AEDyR and iAgua, acknowledge our work to improve the water sector, reduce the water footprint and protect the environment.

Sacyr Concesiones

In Sacyr Water, we are at the forefront of sustainable and innovative initiatives that guarantee an adequate use of water. The Sustainability Award, granted by the Asociación Española de Desalación y Reutilización (AEDyR), places us as a benchmark in the industry and values our promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals in fields such as water reutilization and desalination. 

Furthermore, we have been finalists in the category ‘humanitarian initiative’, which recognizes actions that endorse the use of water treatment plants in critical times, such as droughts, catastrophes, and conflicts, or in the event of natural disasters. 

In this context, Sacyr Water has developed numerous initiatives in Spain, Chile and Algeria, in support of different social and scientific areas, such as cancer investigation, sponsorship of athletes with disabilities and promotion of desalinated water in agriculture. 

On the other hand, we have also been awarded as the Treatment Company of the Year in the iAgua Awards, the most prestigious within the industry in Spain and Latin America, in recognition of our team’s work and commitment to the sector, the population and the drinking water supply.

Due to our sustainable and responsible water resources’ use, together with our water footprint certification, we have achieved ‘Water Positivity’, which means that we use water efficiently returning more water than we consume in all countries where we operate. 

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