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Sustainable roads: we test a new recycled concrete in Camino de la Fruta

This Chilean P3 has been the testing ground for an experimental sustainable aggregate that absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2).

Sacyr Concesiones

At Sacyr we aim to minimize our environmental impact and work with materials that promote circular economy. This is what we have shown in projects such as Bioroad, a road additive made from recycled vegetable oils, and RARX, a compound that permits the elaboration of modified asphalt mixtures. 

Recently we have gone one step further with the execution of a test section made with a 100% recycled concrete aggregates on Ruta 66 – Camino de la Fruta P3

Sustainability is at core of this technology: apart from giving a second life to this raw material derived from infrastructures that have reached the end of their useful life, it allows the absorption of CO2. This is due to the utilization of recycled concrete aggregates for sub-bases and bases, as well as to the measures carried out to improve its quality. 

This innovative initiative has been conducted with the collaboration of different authorities, academic institutions, and companies. Thus, we demonstrate our commitment to the environment and our interest in exploring new materials and technologies that optimize our construction processes.