Uruguay Central Railway: Montevideo to Paso de los Toros

We improve transport infrastructure in Uruguay with the Ferrocarril Central, the train of the future. 

Shared Value

Value for Society

It reduces travel times down by 50% while increasing the loading capacity in this key transportation axis.

Value for Shareholders

This infrastructure promotes the growth of agriculture, forestry and industrial production.

Value for People

3,500 people were directly involved at the height of the project, with 90% of the workers being locally sourced.



Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas (MTOP).

Concession Period

2019 - 2044

Remuneration Scheme

Availability Payment



Uruguay Central Railway

The Uruguay Central Railway project is a milestone for rail transport in the country. With this infrastructures’ investment, the largest in the country in recent years, the aim is to improve safety and connectivity standards, as well as to enhance the region’s commercial, forestry and industrial activities. 

The new line spans 265 km and required the installation of 343 km of new track, as it features multiple sections with more than one track to facilitate the passage of trains. Additionally, 25 stations and passenger stops, 128 concrete bridges and 6 trenches, two of which make a nearly 4 km long rail path. The railway is primarily aimed for cargo load, but is also appropriate for passenger trains and includes a new signalling and rail monitoring system.

The project has received multiple awards, including one from the prestigious magazine IJ Global for its refinancing of the Uruguay Central Railway carried out in 2022.