Value for Society

We contribute to preserve the Colombian cultural heritage

At Sacyr we care about the history and culture of the communities with whom we work. The restoration of the railway station of Bochalema, located in the sphere of activity of our road concession Pamplona-Cucuta, in Colombia, is a milestone in the conservation of historic buildings in this area.

Sacyr Concesiones

Our P3 projects allow us to be part of the communities and work together to improve their area of influence in an integral way. In order to protect and conserve the cultural heritage in the surroundings of our Pamplona-Cucuta Highway concession, we have refurbished the former railway station of the municipality of Bochalema (Norte de Santander Department, Colombia), considered a site of cultural interest. Among the works carried out in the infrastructure, which has almost a century of history, the recovery of the grounds, ceilings and walls can be highlighted. 

Although we have already delivered the facility to the administration, this will not be the end of its journey. Thus, the municipality aims to transform this space in a museum that will accommodate the archaeological objects found during the works of Pamplona-Cucuta’s P3 project. 

People are at the core of our activity. With the renewal of this station, Sacyr shows its commitment to the preservation of cultural and historical assets, a key driver in all our projects.