Value for Society

We help to protect the fauna in Colombia

The preservation of the biodiversity and the ecosystems’ integrity are a priority for us, and to achieve them we have built wildlife crossings in the area of influence of our P3 Al Mar 1 Highway.

Sacyr Concesiones

Wildlife crossings are essential for the protection of the fauna’s biodiversity in sites with roadways, as they help animals to cross them safely. In Sacyr we have created 16 wildlife crossings (11 underground and 5 aerial) in the municipalities of San Jeronimo, Anza and Sopetran in Antioquia (Colombia), where our Al Mar 1 Highway Concession is located. 

A perimeter fence guides the species to the crossings providing them with safe passages and reducing the number of run-overs. Additionally, the roadway has camera traps monitoring wildlife movement, as well as different signals that indicate the species that can be found in the area, which include honey bears, iguanas, squirrels, opossums and margays, among others. 

With this initiative, Sacyr contributes to the environmental protection, the biodiversity conservation and the habitats’ preservation in the areas where we work.