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We promote a more sustainable desalination through blue energy

With our project LIFE HyReward we combine electrodialysis reverse technology and the reverse osmosis process to reduce co2 emissions in the desalination procedures. 

Due to the scarcity and high demand on water, as well as the climate change effects, it is necessary to create solutions that maximize the use of this resource. Since 2021, Sacyr Water leads the project LIFE HyReward, co-funded by the European Union via the LIFE Program, with which we aim to create a hybrid system to produce renewable energy through the brine generated during desalination. 

By combining the reverse osmosis (RO) and the reverse electrodialysis technology (RED), it is possible to recover the energy contained in the brine and produce 100% sustainable electric energy, also known as blue energy. Moreover, this integration RO-RED reduces the final concentration of the brine discharge, which mitigates the environmental impact, reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and promotes the circular economy.

Additionally, this solution aims to expand within the water technology industry. Thus, we expect to develop a pilot plant and study the RO-RED technology’s application on a larger scale. To this end, social awareness will play a key role for our team: the divulgation of the project’s environmental advantages will help to strengthen the industry’s commitment towards the protection of the planet.

At present, the project is already on its first experimental phase in a pilot plant at the Alicante Desalination Plant, property of the Mancomunidad de los Canales del Taibilla, with the aim of optimizing the RED technology. During a second phase, planned in Alcudia’s Desalination Plant (Mallorca), tests on the production of blue energy will be conducted by using the effluent from a sewage treatment plant as a source of fresh water.

With LIFE HyReward, Sacyr Agua aims to create a more sustainable future for water. Discover more details here and meet part of the team.