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We improve the energy efficiency in Moncloa’s Transport Hub

Through an innovative software, this benchmark infrastructure in Madrid's urban transport system can reduce energy consumption and improve air conditioning.

Sacyr Concesiones

The environmental protection and the implementation of energy saving measures are cross-cutting principles in all our projects. In this context, Moncloa’s Transport Hub (Madrid, Spain), a key asset within our transport portfolio, has a new software that optimizes the energy use of the installation. This is Deep Learning, developed by The Predictive Company in the framework of the AI for Energy/Efficient Building project, and presented in our open innovation program Sacyr iChallenges. 

Its working principle is as follows: by analysing the energy profile of the building and integrating parameters such as its occupancy rate and temperature, the software creates a predictive model. This allows to stablish a proper air conditioning and ventilation and, in consequence, to reduce up to a 30% of energy consumption. 

These measures’ advantages are varied. On the one hand, they enhance the daily performance of the installation; on the other hand, they position us one step closer to a model based on the equipment’s’ automation, adapted to the flow of travellers. 

At Sacyr, we innovate to provide transformational and sustainable solutions that improve people’s lives.