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We win the award for the best Structured Financing of the Year in Latin America for our work in Pamplona-Cucuta

This distinction, granted by the firm Bonds & Loans, recognizes the quality of our finance of this important Colombian road.

Sacyr Concesiones

The Pamplona-Cucuta highway is one of our portfolio’s flagships and a reference for mobility in Colombia. This project has been recently recognized as the Structured Financing of the Year in Latin America in the Loans & Bonds awards, which distinguish the innovation in financing according to criteria of distribution, size, structure and international markets’ performance, among others. 

Our refinancing of the Pamplona-Cucuta highway, carried out in June 2023, was notable for its positive social impact and its commitment to sustainability, in line with the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and the Social Loan Principles 2021 of the Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA). Thus, the operation included a social bond ($400M), a multi-tranche bank credit ($165M) and a bank loan ($77M). This was also Sacyr’s third social bond issue in Colombia

Alongside the Americas Transport Deal of the Year, granted by the publication Project Finance International for our successful financial closure of the road project in 2020, this new prize strengthens our position as a leading economic partner in the infrastructures’ field.