Value for Shareholders

We are a company capable of generating value for our employees, customers, partners and shareholders. Our ongoing strategic plan secures shared long-term value, financial robustness and profitability.

Vertical integration is our key to sucess

Sacyr's vertical integration enable us to create value throughout the P3 asset’s lifecycle. The seamless integration of Sacyr Concesiones with Sacyr Construction  provides a significant complicity and mutual understanding and the optimal allocation of risks during both the construction and operational phases.

Sacyr Concesiones’ strategy 

Value creation at each business cycle stage is one of our main competitive advantages

Discover all benefits of having a globally experienced partner

  • Value creation through an asset rotation strategy based on minority stake divestments while retaining control on the asset.
  • Financial strategy implemented throughout the concession's full lifecycle.
  • Anticipation and early analysis of the opportunity.
  • Target countries and projects' individual selection.
  • Target Countries.
  • Target Projects.

Our extensive experience qualifies us as experts in maximizing value at each stage of the life of a public-private partnership (P3 or PPP) project

Market Intel

Strategic greenfield projects deserve a world leader infrastructure developer

At Sacyr Concesiones we focus on public-private partnership greenfield projects with revenue-risk mitigation mechanisms, located in countries with well-developed legal and financial frameworks. Our integrated team allows us to seamlessly manage all aspects of a P3 project lifecycle including its design, construction, financing, operation, and maintenance


Sacyr is involved in the entire process, from project development through operations. This streamlined and vertical integration ensures cost-effectiveness and successful on-time delivery.


Our development of innovative and cutting-edge technical solutions in the construction and design phase, adds value both in the short-term (during the construction stage), and in the long-term, (during the operational stage).


Our vertical integration is key: in concert with Sacyr's Construction and Operation divisions, there is a significant reduction of risk during the whole project's lifecycle.

Financial Strategy

Our unique knowledge of different financing structures allows us to find tailor-made financial strategies for each project, maximizing the value captured in the refinancing processes.


We have a successful track record in financing and refinancing processes, improving market confidence in our raised debt and reducing cost and risk for our shareholders.  

Through cash flows generated by our operational portfolio and the rotation of mature assets, our teams obtain additional means of financing new projects. A successful asset rotation strategy allows Sacyr Concesiones to bring forward future cash flows while retaining the operational management, creating value for our investors and shareholders