Value for Society

Big Data and Machine Learning

Preventive and predictive analysis of future reinvestments

Sacyr Concesiones

We don’t see a future without scientific, technologic and innovative advancements so we understand that having a R&D&I management system is an essential and key factor in keeping a competitive edge in our line of work. Our R&D&I system meets the requirements of the UNE 166002 norm and we are constantly working on making it even more efficient.

All the infrastructures we build are made with the right tools to extend the life cycle of our assets. Currently some of those tools are big data and machine learning technologies, that are helping us to develop a predictive pavement maintenance system called the Sacyr Prediction Tool. This revolutionary innovation will allow us to predict the deterioration of long-term pavements before it happens and will help us to be more precise when it comes to calculating the investments needed to maintain the optimal state of the roads. Thanks to the Sacyr Prediction Tool we will allow us to be more competitive in tender processes and have more precision in our financial models. This tool will also give us yet another point of view (on top of the HDM-4) that backs up the conservation costs of a road when dealing with financial institutions.

The project is currently entering its final phase and a new user-friendly tool is being developed that will allow Sacyr to use it in all of its current concessions as well as in its tender processes. Building in a smarter way is possible.