Value for Society

Circular economy an essential cornerstone of our projects

In Sacyr we have developed Bioroad, a sustainable additive for asphalt mixtures that apart from protecting the environment also increases the durability and resistance of our road concessions.

Sacyr Concesiones

 In Sacyr we have created Bioroad, an additive for asphalt mixtures formed by recycled vegetable oils and other wastes.The leveraging of the circular economy and the protection of the environment can be highlighted as its main advantages - the composition of this product allows a lower temperature fabrication of the asphalt mixtures, which ultimately reduces the carbon footprint and the energy consumption.

Moreover, Bioroad guarantees the quality of the roads, given that it allows to produce asphalt mixtures that are more sustainable, durable and with a higher resistance to stress and weathering conditions. 
The additive has been used in the Highway Aunor, operated by Sacyr Concesiones in the northeast area of Murcia (Spain). The good results obtained in its application open a new path to sustainable road construction.