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For us the recipe for success is to always look ahead, that is why we see technological innovation, research and development as key factors in our continued and future growth as a business. But all of our technological advancements would be for nothing if we didn’t place them at the service of society, just like we are doing in the following projects:

Automatic toll payment systems

This Sacyr initiative, still in the tasting phase at the Málaga-Las Pedrizas highway, is an answer to the growing need to adapt toll systems to the reality of drivers and their new needs, such as accepting a variety of payment methods. This machine is conceived as an integral solution for automatic toll payment booths (ATPM), it has the capacity to accept and recycle both bills and coins, as well as accepting tickets, non-financial cards and financial EMV cards.

Doppler-radar based vehicle classification

This low-cost, wireless radar can be placed on any road, it’s main function is to count the number of vehicles that transit, the type of vehicles that transit and the speed at which they circulate. Among the competitive benefits of implementing this radar are: 

  • Autonomy: With a 12 hour battery life and a fast-charging system.
  • Distribution: It’s wireless. The network is established automatically and seamlessly, and every new device that joins the network further increases its functionality.
  • Easy installation: The devices can be installed and uninstalled easily on almost any road infrastructure.

Development of smart tolls

We’ve implemented new models for the detection and automatic classification of different types of vehicles that help us correctly charge on unmanned tolls. 

Through the application of innovative technologies for the detection and automatic classification of different types of vehicles in tolls we are able to increase the reliability of the collection of tolls as well as improve the driver's experience. These new models have many benefits:

  • Reduction of waiting time for users by speeding up the collecting of tolls.
  • Avoids fraud from users through the Via-T and free Flow systems.
  • Prevents road risks through early detection of dangerous and foreign objects on the road.
  • Eliminates the need for manual verification and audit of vehicle classification.