Value for Society

Innovation on the ground we work on the early detection of slope movements

Knowing the land’s behaviour helps us to build roadways with higher quality and safety standards. In order to achieve it, we are collaborating on a project to anticipate slopes’ movements.

Sacyr Concesiones

The displacement of slopes poses a challenge for our road projects. With the aim of enhancing these assets’ efficiency and minimize potential risks, in Sacyr we are collaborating with the start-up Detektia to develop a method that allows us to predict slope movements

The project relies on satellite-based data sources, which are combined with predictive models and other surface variables. The information collected with these technologies include temporal deformation series, which are introduced in a Detektia’s platform (EyeRADAR).  With this system, it is possible to observe when the land’s behaviour is out of the normal ranges contained in the predictive models. 

This project is being tested in one of our P3 projects, the Pamplona-Cucuta highway, in Colombia, a roadway that is expected to become a benchmark in terms of road safety, efficiency and quality.