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Going eco friendly to increase the life cycle of our assets


Sacyr Concesiones

As a referent in the infrastructure sector, we are committed to the environment, to providing good quality throughout the whole life cycle of our projects, and to investing in R&D. Because if there is one thing experience has taught us, is that there’s no future without all of these. All of our teams believe it’s fundamental to work in this way, developing innovation in a practical way, but that always aligns with the development goals adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015.

We believe our assets and society as a whole can benefit from these type innovative solutions, both from the point of view of sustainability and efficiency. Take for example Mexico, where we innovated with the use of RARx in our mixtures, a high-tech material we developed made from powdered end-of-life tires, pre-treated with bitumen and other additives. RARx enhances the characteristics of our mixtures by providing them with better performance against reflection and propagation of cracks, better fatigue resistance and while decreasing the noise they make, among others. It’s truly an efficient and sustainable solution, a win-win.

This product allows us to reduce tire waste caused by unused tires, giving them a second life and providing us with a great array of environmental and social advantages. But the use of this environmentally friendly material in the infrastructure sector is just the beginning of a world filled with endless possibilities. Possibilities that help lower costs, provide us with longer lasting materials, and help maintain our planet clean.