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We are the first company in the sector to certify water footprint

AENOR has certified Sacyr capacities under the most recognized methodologies internationally.

Sacyr Concesiones

Sustainability is a main pillar in the development of our activity. And Sacyr’s commitment is much more than words: we have become the first company in our sector to obtain ISO 14046, a specific quality certification in water footprint. This certification analyzes up to 18 relevant categories according to the top four most recognized methodologies internationally.

Water footprint is one of the most relevant indicators to measure the amount of water used to produce each of the goods and services we use.

At Sacyr, we are committed to reducing water footprint and, according to our Strategic Plan, we have a clear goal to reduce it by 10% in 2025.

Sacyr Agua, a subsidiary of Sacyr Concesiones, is one of the most recognized innovative leaders in the field as well as a global reference for the efficient use of water. Our desalination plants have a remarkable impact in areas affected by water stress.

Environmental protection and responsible use of natural resources are at the core of our Strategic Plan, the backbone of our business activity. This certification of AENOR demonstrates our commitment and efficient management of water, a scarce and essential resource for achieving sustainable development.