Value for People

Literature, a healing companion at the Antofagasta Hospital

Through the creation of a mobile library in this sanitary centre, we will help to guarantee the emotional well-being of the hospitalized persons and their families.

Sacyr Concesiones

There is a common feature to our P3 hospital projects: the wish to provide the best quality of care. Under this premise, we have introduced a mobile library in our Antofagasta Hospital concession (Chile). 

Derived from the collaboration between Sacyr and other companies and representatives from the medical facility, this is a groundbreaking initiative among Chilean public hospitals. The aim is to foster both a physical and emotional recovery through culture, as well as to provide access to stories that promote the patients’ healing. 

As of March 2024, the library, to which more than 1,500 books have been donated, will circulate through different areas of the facility, including inpatient areas and out-of-hospital points. This will permit that the entire sanitary centre’s community make use of this resource. 

With this project, the Antofagasta Hospital reaffirms its solid commitment towards an integral health care.