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Our Winter Road Safety Plan: Ready for Action!

An experienced staff of 120 workers, 37 snowplows, and 5,000 tons of salt. According to weather forecasts, cold weather events are expected in the next few weeks in Spain.

Sacyr Concesiones

Our 8 P3s highways under management in the country have already activated Winter Plans to successfully clearing 440 Km roads of snow and ice, ensuring safe trips for 160,000 vehicles daily.

Winter is here but planning and provisioning works started months ago. It was last summer when our concessionaires started to design specific Winter Service Operational Plans to ensure seamless preparedness and operations during the colder months. 

These Winter Service Operational Plans define a comprehensive guide with highway policies and procedures, human and material resources, and coordination protocols with traffic authorities and local councils in different scenarios.

Sacyr teams have an in-depth knowledge of each infrastructure and are well-experienced in the development of winter campaigns. Our seasoned professionals are an essential factor for ensuring safe winter road trips.

To ensure mobility and safety, our performance is based on a straight collaboration and clear communication protocols, as demonstrated in some of the most extreme winter weather events happened recently, as the Filomena snowstorm in 2021.