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Prevention behind the wheel: this is how we promote safe driving in Elqui Route Highway

One of our latest road campaigns in Chile has informed of the importance of caution on the road and of respecting traffic regulations.

Sacyr Concesiones

Summer represents a key moment in the management of the Route 5, Los Vilos–La Serena concession (Elqui Route Highway), a landmark connection for the Chilean region of Coquimbo. During this warm season, around 800,000 visits are expected in the area and an average of more than 250,000 vehicles/month are foreseen to transit this P3. 

In order to reinforce preventive actions and safety in our roads in Chile, Sacyr participated in a road campaign to foster responsible driving alongside the police institution Carabineros. 

The initiative was attended by the Presidential delegate of the Coquimbo Region, Galo Luna, and the Operations Manager of Ruta del Elqui, Mario Paiva, as well as other institutional representatives, who highlighted the need for drivers to respect road signs, comply with the driving norms and take a tolerant and proactive stance. 

Moreover, they emphasized the importance of self-awareness to guarantee the drivers’ safety, which is why they need to make regular stops and plan their travels in advance

In addition to these information works, an accident simulation was developed, with the participation of tourists and local residents. This activity raised awareness of the significance of precaution and responsibility behind the wheel.