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Promoting a sustainable lighting in the Turia Highway

Through the use of LED technology, this Spanish motorway fosters energy efficiency and innovation within our road portfolio.

Sacyr Concesiones

The Turia Highway, located in Valencia (Spain), is a reference in in the protection of the environment due to its use of sustainable asphalt mixtures. In addition to the usage of recycled materials for paving, an energy-efficient lighting solution has now been grounded. To achieve it, we have renewed the highway’s illumination system (1,800 luminaires) with LED technology, which will allow a reduction of energy consumption by 60%, equivalent to 1.150 MW/hr. 

Moreover, during the upcoming months we will develop various initiatives to ensure maximum environmental protection on the road. On the one hand, we will begin a transition towards electric vehicles to carry out conservation works on the highway. On the other hand, we will install a self-consumption photovoltaic plant (120 KW) that will provide its control center with autonomous and clean energy. 

At Sacyr, we work to reduce our climate impact and create innovative solutions to protect the planet.