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We promote digital water meter reading in Melilla

At Sacyr Agua we have developed a project with a Narrow Band communications technology to promote a digital water meter reading system in the Autonomous City of Melilla (Spain).

Sacyr Concesiones

The modernization of water management services has become one of our top priorities. As demonstrated in our project in Melilla, through a Narrow Band (NB) technology, designed for the communication of Internet of Things devices (IoT), we will be able to digitise the collection of data in the provision of water services in this autonomous city. 

The NB-IoT technology will enable us to establish a remote reading and segmentation service that will provide daily consumption information and data on urban water cycles including, among others, reverse flow, or internal leakage alarms. 

By implementing this advanced remote reading system, the Melilla’s water system will benefit from a number of advantages. The important amount of automated data available allows an efficient administration and quality of the hydraulic system. This optimized balance between the current resources and the consumers’ demand to reach a more effective use of water, ultimately will result in a more sustainable energy consumption system. Moreover, this advanced technology will ensure the connectivity of elements in complex locations. 

With this project, Sacyr Agua promotes the modernization and digitalisation of water services, enhancing a comprehensive remote water meter reading system.