Value for People

We provide aid relief in Chile after the fires in the Valparaíso Region

Sacyr has participated in various solidarity initiatives to ensure the well-being of the affected local communities.

Sacyr Concesiones

In February 2024, a series of large-scale fires broke out in the coastal region of Valparaíso, located in central Chile. Our workers in the country coming, among others business lines, from our P3s of Camino de la Fruta Highway, Ruta 78 Highway, Elqui Route Highway and Buin Paine Hospital, wanted to help protect the inhabitants and, in order to achieve it, they have taken part in several clean-up tasks and donations of essential goods. 

In coordination with the administrations and local authorities, Sacyr sent equipment and personnel to remove debris from damaged areas, a first step to promote its future reconstruction. Through this logistical support, it is estimated that around 214 kilometers of roads covered by dirt, dust and ash were cleaned. 

Moreover, internal collections were carried out to donate supplies to storage centres and ensure access to basic commodities for those affected, including non-perishable food and hygiene products. 

Social responsibility is a cornerstone for Sacyr and a reflection of our commitment with people’s present and future.