Sustainability as a cornerstone

Building a better tomorrow, today!

Sacyr Concesiones is strong advocate of responsible business management. We aim to create long-term value for all of our stakeholders, contributing to the advancement of society and prioritizing sustainable development. Supporting the United Nations 2030 Agenda towards achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is an important part in this journey towards building a better future for all.


We create strong relationships with local communities

During the whole project’s lifecycle, Sacyr Concesiones enhances mutual respect, recognition, participatory dialogue and liaisons to enable two-way communication with local communities.

In line with the SDGs, we contribute to social and economical development, fostering local employment opportunities and ensuring the strictest international standards in terms of Human Rights, Health Safety, Circular Economy, Innovation, Gender Equality and Inclusion. On average, around 99% of Sacyr Concesiones’ workers are local talent.

Commitment to environmental efficiency

We embrace international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Time for tackling climate change is now

Sacyr Concesiones’ environmental commitment has received global recognition. All of our P3 projects advocate to prioritize the use of renewable energy while progressively transitioning towards sustainable development that is based on energy efficiency. We do so by enhancing the use of renewable energies and contributing to the circular economy.

Giving the best of ourselves in our projects

Sacyr Concesiones adheres to best quality practices certified under international standards 

Putting words into action

Our desalination plant in Binningup (Australia) is completely provisioned by renewable energy sources. Our hospitals have implemented a myriad of energy efficient solutions to significantly reduce gas and water consumption. On top of that, the energy efficient Braga Hospital (Portugal) has won the EDP Electric Energy and Environmental Award in recognition of measures that allowed a decline of 40% in energy consumption.

We manage over 1,000 Km in 8 highways in Chile equipped with lighting devices powered by renewable energy sources. These are just a few of the examples of how Sacyr Concesiones strongly embraces sustainability as a business model to create a better tomorrow, today.