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Discover our latest initiative to enhance road safety in Chile's schools

With the development of various interactive workshops in our Valles del Bío-Bío Highway P3, we contribute to create a more committed society towards good driving and traffic practices on the roads.

Sacyr Concesiones

For Sacyr, it is crucial to raise traffic rules awareness and promote responsible driving among young people. In order to achieve it, we have developed a series of workshops in different schools of the Biobio and Ñuble region, in Chile, located in the area of influence of one of our main P3 projects in the south of the country: the Valles del Bío-Bío Highway

More than 500 students participated in this initiative, where they had the opportunity to learn about the functioning of road rules and regulations through a variety of activities, games, and challenges. The main aspects addressed included, among others, the importance of prevention and self-care to avoid accidents, or the obligations of road users.

With these initiatives, we seek to strengthen our collaboration with local communities, and build a culture around road safety, increasing the highest quality and best user experience on our roads.