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Our project IOHNIC wins QIA Award 2023 of innovation in a large company (national and international phases)

This award recognizes the versatility, quality and sustainability of our lighting technology, which is able to improve the road safety, the energy efficiency and the light uniformity in tunnels.

Sacyr Concesiones

IOHNIC, one of our flagship projects in the field of innovation, has been awarded with the Quality Innovation Award (QIA), in the large company category (national and international phases). These awards, granted within the framework of a competition created by Excellence Finland in 2007, seek to enhance and give more visibility to innovation in each country and on an international level, in line with criteria of effectiveness, use, learning, customer orientation and novelty value. 

In the first stage of the QIA Awards, a group of experts convened by the Association of Centers for the Promotion of Excellence evaluated around one hundred proposals developed in different regions of Spain. The companies awarded at the first phase competed then in the international phase, in which a jury formed by the participating countries chose a winner for each category. 

Overall, 562 innovations from 8 regions/countries have competed in this QIA Innovation Awards, from which 24 have been awarded. 

IOHNIC, our solution to illuminate tunnels developed and trademarked by Sacyr Concesiones, is based on the distribution of the luminaries in uninterrupted lines in order to create a lighting uniformity that prevents glare and enhances the tunnels’ traceability. Thus, driving security and comfort are enhanced. 

Additionally, IOHNIC’s technology presents the industry’s highest quality standards, and its sustainable design guarantees a greater care for the planet and the maximum energy efficiency. 

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