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Recycled materials: learn how we enhance circular economy

Sacyr Concesiones

Promoting a circular economy in Peru through the improvement of local roads is our way of contributing to the sustainable development of the Andean country. We used 10,000m3 of recycled material for improving 10km of road on Carretera Longitudinal de la Sierra, a highway that significantly improve connectivity and road safety. With this approach we contributed to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 12, to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, and the SDG 13, to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

In the project framework we signed various agreements with local councils to provide them with milling material which is reused to repair countryside roads and connecting roads. The action of repairing these roads also minimizes the amount of dust caused by the circulation of vehicles, resulting into a better long-term health for locals. But that’s not all: by recycling materials we prioritize the second use of raw materials, promoting both economy and energy savings. The environmental benefits associated to the use of using recycled material for milling also avoid landfill waste. 

The simple action of recycling materials means much more that we can imagine. That is why at Sacyr we take our commitment to sustainability very seriously: we do not only believe in circular economy, we embrace these sustainable principles as a part of our business strategy, as a part of our DNA.



Used for improving 10km of road